Friday, 13 February 2009

Reduce House Insurance Costs by Chris Fensome

In today's world, where economic instability threatens and nobody quite knows what the future holds in terms of the environment, it is more important than ever to ensure that you get a house insurance policy that is both cost effective and covers all of the main areas that could be damaged in the coming years. Therefore, for piece of mind and financial protection I have put together these money saving tips . Scan The Market: When looking for a good deal it is essential to scan the market and compare quotes and deals from a range of insurance vendors. The first port of call for most people is to use an insurance comparison site online. These allow you to simply type in your details and they will return prices from leading house insurance vendors from across the web. This can cut down on the costs of home insurance as you can compare all of the prices in one place. These sites can also cut down the time and stress incurred in searching the internet for house insurance. Ensure Your Policy Is Up To Date & Kept Up To Date You are insured for however much you pay for your home when you move in. However in today's quick changing economy house prices fluctuate and over time the value of the house will change (hopefully increase) over time and this affects the price of the house insurance. Therefore it is imperative that you remain aware how much your house is worth (get it professionally valued). If you find that the price of your house exceeds the cost of the policy, then you must increase the coverage of your house insurance so that it is never under-insured incase the event happened. READ YOUR POLICY! Like the header says, it cannot be stated enough that you must read your house insurance policy so that you understand all of the terms so that you know 110% exactly what you are covered for in your policy. You do not want to wait until the tin of paint is on the floor before you dust off the policy. It is worth the 15 minutes reading to ensure that you completely understand everything in the policy, if there are areas that you don't understand then ask your insurer. Do not claim on everything. It is becoming more and more common place that people are making claims for the smallest problems in the house. However it is important to remember that insurance is there for emergencies in one-off circumstances and if you repeatedly make small claims, the insurance company is going to take note of this and increase the premium when the insurance contract is next up. Therefore it is important to only claim when you have no other option.

House Insurance

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Debt Free Living

Is living debt free possible? So many people in todays society struggle with overwhelming amounts of debt. Our society has become one obsessed with more. More everything. Debt free living is certainly a goal for most, but is it possible? .........


House Insurance FAQ's

House insurance covers damage from incidents such as fire, theft, and vandalism to your house, usually adjacent structures like a garage or shed, and your personal belongings. It covers living expenses if your household becomes temporarily unusable.............

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House Insurance Cost Cutting Tips

Nearly all UK insurance companies offer different insurance products such as home, car, travel etc… We all have various insurance needs but if you buy your policies from one insurer then some companies will offer discounts on your house insurance premiums. This can work out better for you both cost wise and in terms of convenience.......

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Monday, 8 December 2008

Home Emergencies Insurance

Home Emergency Cover is an insurance policy covering household emergencies, including home emergencies such as central heating, blocked drains, electrics, roofs and vandalism.
Rather than covering the resultant damage, home emergency insurance often covers the repair cost of the issue causing the problem. Many insurance companies provide a 24-hour emergency telephone support and in the event of an emergency, they will authorise a tradesman to visit.

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Mortgage Payment Protection for your Home.

No one knows what the future holds so when you take out a mortgage on your home you want to make sure you’re properly covered for any eventualities. It is a sensible idea to take out Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPPI). It can offer the protection you need if ever you come across difficult times and are unable to meet your mortgage repayments.

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House Insurance - Why worry when you have buildings insurance?

Whenever an individual builds his dream home, he makes sure it has all the amenities that are required to make his life comfortable. Besides this one more factor that is absolutely imperative to any home is its safety.A good house insurance policy is what you need to secure your home against any sort of contingency like fire, theft, flood, earthquake etc.

If you have a mortgage against your home, then in all likelihood your mortgage lender will insist that you get buildings insurance............

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